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What is Shop Avec +?

Design is all done remotely, it is for those who need help with an

overall design vision but would like to shop and coordinate the project themselves. 

 You do the coordinating with your contractors, handy people and handle the all the purchasing and installation.

 Avec Interiors charges a fixed fee to do the over all design and provides website links to purchase all items. 

You decide what you want to invest in on your timeline. It’s easy, fun and personalized to

your style and budget done via email and a video call when needed.


What is the Process and Timeline?

Once a start date is selected: The process usually takes 4-6 weeks per room depending on package chosen.

• Inquire about e-design

• Book phone or video consultation

• Fill out online questionnaire(s), take photos and provide measurements of your room(s)

• Select available start date and submit payment

• Design board review & feedback: 2 revisions are included

• Final Design package delivery: includes a 2D plan/furniture layout, shopping list, final design notes.


What is the Pricing Structure?

Avec charges a fixed fee per room. Costs vary depending on the type of room i.e. and the size. 

The extent of design deliverables the amount of furnishings, lighting etc. or if you add built-in designs. 


The prices range anywhere from $850- $4,500 per room depending on type, size, and the number of deliverables per room.  

When you contact us about a project, we will send you a price based on your specific needs.  


Do you have discounts with retailers?

The services Avec provides are about providing you a high end personalized, curated room design. 

In order to keep an affordable pricing structure, for online designs Avec does not do the purchasing for you. 

Interior designer discounts with most major retailers range from only 10-20% off regular priced items 

and do not extend to sale items. These discounts are part of our fee for purchasing when doing full design service. 

This level of discount is often available to the public by signing up for emails, or shopping sales.


Do you source retail or trade?

 Typically shopping lists are a combination of both retail and to-the-trade, depending on your budget. 

We are proud to offer our clients access to the high quality to the trade furnishings that are largely not available via retail. 

Clients can purchase trade items on their custom shopping collection through Avec Interiors Home Shop with trade partner Sidedoor.

This allows us to offer lower design fees and a fixed fee structure for remote design projects.


Will you work with our Contractors or Architects?

 For Avec Shop + projects, Avec will only communicate directly with you. We supply design drawings only these drawings are not to be used for construction and are not for permit submittals. You can use these drawings to show to your contractor to get a bid. Your contractor should have someone local that can turn these drawings into the necessary permit drawings. 


Avec recommends seeing any hard finishes in person at local stores, slab yards, tile stores etc. and ordering samples online. We recommend that you consult with your contractor regarding who will be  ordering finishes, hardware etc. Purchasing and installation details for hard finishes such as countertops and cabinetry are worked out between you and your contractor.  


What if I have some items I want to keep and incorporate?

No Problem! At Avec we take great care and enjoy figuring out ways to and keep the furniture items or décor you already have that is good quality or means something to you. Avec uses thoughtful intention for each project creating a timeless space that reflects your personality.


Can I see some items in person before purchasing?

Avec understands purchasing a sofa or chair online is not for everyone. 

If you would like to sit in and see furniture before purchasing, 

Avec will recommend those items from retailers that have a local presence where you live. 

Just keep in mind not all items available online may be present in your local retail showroom. 


What is your refund policy?

After the client agreement is signed and paid for, and we begin the design process, no design fee refunds are given for any reason. 

Your feedback is important to make sure your personal style is part of the design. Since you will be purchasing the products on your own

will be responsible for ordering/shipping, placing and installing all items according to the drawings we deliver. 


What if a recommended item from the list sells out?

It is highly recommended that retail items be purchased as soon as possible once you receive your custom shopping list. 

If a recommended retail item sells out within two weeks of final design package delivery Avec will find a new option that fits the design.

After two weeks, our hourly charges will apply for any additional work on the project. 

To The Trade items will either be in stock or there may be lead times. This will be stated per each item with the pricing  

when purchasing via the Avec Home Shop. Lead times will vary per item.