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Homes have historical wonderment to them and Los Angeles homes often have hidden charm. They each deserve to be designed with thoughtful aspiration that is not only striving for beauty but also addresses the  functional needs for living your best life. 


Avec interiors is inspired by both the power of nature and urban landscapes. We use calming neutrals with layered textures and color to create a relaxed yet sophisticated feel, creating a balanced, calming space no matter what style. For each project we research and concept with your personality in mind to create one-of-a-kind spaces.


Schedules are hectic and home is where you can be truly be yourself. Whether you are entertaining friends and family or just relaxing at home, your home should be able to adapt. What better way to reward yourself than working with a designer to create a space that reflects you and saves you time by streamlining the many decisions and choices necessary for interiors.


I look forward to  working with you….Avec grand soin.

Barbara Schwarz

Barbara Self portrait

After graduating from UCLA’s Architecture and Interior Design Program, Barbara began her journey in interior design working for award winning Los Angeles design firms where she gained extensive experience working on a variety of projects including hospitality and corporate design. In years prior, she was a film and video producer working on a range of projects for top ad agencies and media firms. Outside of work, her days include playing music, ceramics, lap swimming, coastal hiking and reading science fiction

Avec Interiors is focused on every element that goes into creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces. 

“As a ASID professional and LEED AP I make sure each and every project is safe, healthy and sustainable.”

Barbara Self portrait
Ocean waves
Barbara at the Beach
Barbara at the Beach

What people are Saying


“Our family did an extensive home remodel this past year, and Barbara was recommended to us to help make designing choices (and overall vision!) easier. She was always helpful, listened to both our wishes and concerns, changed things when our two visions didn’t align, and generally made the experience a pleasant one. She sourced excellent appliances, tiles, fixtures and a thousand other things and we couldn’t be more pleased with how things turned out.


“We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for expert design help.”

— Daryl Haselton•Client

“We hired Barbara to work with us on the design of our patio and kitchen. She helped us to convert our backyard, which consisted of grassy areas a large fallow garden area to a beautiful outdoor space that includes a patio with complete amenities. We then moved inside where she turned our old claustrophobic dysfunctional kitchen into a fantastic work space that supports all our needs. From the very first meeting with Barbara to the completion, she was a pleasure to work with. We love the work she did for us.”


“I have recommended her to friends or colleagues repeatedly since she did the work for us.”

— Karen Carlesie•Client

“When an RFQ comes in from Barbara, we know it will have a well-thought out design and it will be attached to a great client. She has gained experience through large firms and her own small business, so she understands, process, budgets, and timelines. Her work has a unique voice that reflects her clients wants and needs. She appreciates quality and respects her vendors. She teams up with qualified people and works hard for her clients. 


“If you are looking for a great designer.”

“Hire her!”

— Alabama Sawyer•Vendor

Thank you for your interest.

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