Bridging Eras: The Art of Merging Vintage and Contemporary Decor

Bridging Eras: The Art of Merging Vintage and Contemporary Decor

At first glance, vintage and contemporary designs seem like complete opposite styles that can never merge together. However, the two can complement each other perfectly when used strategically. 

When you blend the sleek, minimalist style of contemporary design with the homey grandeur of vintage design, you end up with a style that’s uniquely yours and likely won’t be replicated in other homes. Because there are so many elements to consider when developing a design, there are just as many ways to approach creating your ideal blend of vintage and contemporary styles. 

At Avec Interiors, we use a unique approach to seamlessly integrate vintage elements with modern aesthetics, breathing new life into spaces to create a timeless charm. In this blog, we’ll discuss our tactics of merging vintage and contemporary decor, so you can achieve a cohesive design. 

Choose a Dominant Style

The key to successfully achieving a vintage-contemporary blend is to choose one design as your dominant style and incorporate elements of the other. For example, if you choose contemporary decor as your main aesthetic, you can sprinkle in vintage accent pieces to add a traditional touch. An 80/20 ratio is usually a good place to start. 

Decide Between Harmony and Contrast

When mixing vintage and contemporary decor, you can choose to create harmony between the two or have them contrast. Which method you choose ultimately depends on your design goals. A harmonious design can create a calming, relaxed ambiance, while a contrasting aesthetic can create a bold, visually exciting space. Playing with colors and materials is a great way to determine which you prefer.

Determine Your Ideal Ambiance

Consider the mood you want your space to exude. If you’re looking to create a warm, inviting ambiance, you’ll want to lean toward light, neutral color palettes, warm wood, plush rugs, and soft pillows. For a formal, elegant feel, try dark wood or stone and sophisticated furnishings with velvet or embroidered fabrics. Choosing an ambiance can help you determine whether contemporary or vintage should be your dominant style and how to incorporate elements of the other. 

Start With the Essentials

Start by choosing bigger furniture pieces, like couches, tables, or large wall units or shelving. If most of your chosen essentials lean toward vintage or contemporary design, you’ll know to use the other style when mixing in accent pieces. For example, if you’ve selected a modern marble table for your dining room, consider vintage chairs in a similar color scheme to compliment your contemporary aesthetic. 

Add Statement Pieces and Layered Textures

Now, for the fun part. Once you have a good idea of the dominant style and ambiance of your space, it’s time to incorporate statement pieces and layered textures to elevate the room’s visual appeal and enhance your personal style. 


If your main aesthetic is contemporary, adding reclaimed wood, velvet cushions, or ornate vintage lamps is a great way to infuse a traditional touch. And if vintage is your design foundation, try playing with modern light fixtures, silk curtains, and new hardwood flooring to add a contemporary flair. 


Ultimately, the art of merging vintage and contemporary design relies on choosing a dominant style, determining your preferred ambiance, and strategically incorporating design elements that create a harmonious or contrasting design to create a style that’s uniquely yours. 


It may take time to find a balance that feels right, but once you achieve your dream aesthetic, you’ll have a space that’s easy to love and build memories in. 

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