Furniture Fusion: Mixing Styles for a Unique Avec Aesthetic

Furniture Fusion: Mixing Styles for a Unique Avec Aesthetic


Our philosophy at Avec is that your home should be a haven that is curated for you, with decor that reflects your unique aesthetic and personality. We believe in the power of blending furniture styles to create a curated and one of a kind aesthetic. Our wide range of furniture collections, such as the luxury of California Casual or the eclectic Mix and Match collection offers endless possibilities for you to express your personal style.

Understanding Your Style Palette

Designing a space that truly reflects your style involves discovering what aesthetic choices resonate with you and exploring furniture and accessories that align with those preferences. Start by immersing yourself in design resources to gain insight into the styles that catch your eye whether it’s a modern rustic or eclectic vibe. Consider your lifestyle. Find ways to blend practicality with design elements that speak to your individual taste. Embrace a mix of both vintage pieces and don’t hesitate to incorporate sentimental items, like family heirlooms or unique finds that tell your personal story. Remember, the key is to create an environment that feels genuinely yours – a place where your personality shines through in a comfortable way.

Exploring Our Style Spectrum

At Avec we cater to a spectrum of tastes with our furniture styles. For example take a look at our California Casual collection, which offers a blend of bohemian-inspired styles that are both inviting and polished. For our client’s who prefer a more calming, neutral aesthetic, our Coastal Classic collection has so many pieces to choose from to create your own unique designs. Each style in our collection has its unique design elements. Some styles feature lines, neutral colors, and natural materials for a timeless appeal. Others offer versatility through our Mix and Match accessories.

The Art of Mixing: Creating Harmony in Diversity

The secret to furniture fusion lies in finding the balance. Start by selecting a style as your foundation like the understated elegance of our neutral-toned pieces. Then add contrasting styles to create a dynamic look. This approach allows you to create an interior that beautifully reflects a blend of influences.

Choosing Focal Pieces: Making a Style Statement

Focal pieces play a role in setting the tone of your room. We feature furniture items that make an impact and guide the design direction of your space. Whether it’s our Simone Faux Fur Swivel Chair or a Oxley Coffee Table from the California Casual Collection, these pieces become the centerpiece of your furniture fusion narrative.


Color Coordination: A Unifying Element

Color plays a role in bringing together diverse furniture styles to form a cohesive look. It acts as the glue that unifies everything. Our recommendations for coordinating colors can assist you in choosing a color scheme that harmonizes styles resulting in a combination of shades that enhance the overall visual appeal of your area.


Merging furniture styles is an exciting creative project that allows you to create a personalized and carefully curated appearance. We encourage you to explore the possibilities of mixing styles, and embracing the diversity and adaptability offered by our collections. Discover your Avec style, by blending various styles, colors, and focal points to design a space that truly represents your individuality. Browse our extensive collection of furniture and feel free to contact our team for professional assistance in choosing the ideal pieces for your home.


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