How to Style Sophisticated Urban Interiors

How to Style Sophisticated Urban Interiors

If you live in a city or have a space with a smaller square footage, you might want to consider urban interior design. If you’re not familiar with this particular style, it’s a blend of industrial and modern design. At the same time, urban design is also functional, making the most of small spaces. In today’s post, we walk you through exactly how to create an urban style that will make a statement while remaining comfortable. 

The overall approach for a sophisticated urban style is to combine warm and inviting design elements with contemporary aesthetics. Those contemporary elements are what makes urban style feel current and cosmopolitan. But it’s possible to have too much of a good thing–by which we mean the space should still feel hospitable and relaxing. To that end, softer design elements like natural greenery or colorful textiles act as a comforting counterpoint to those that are colder or more minimal. This harmonious blend makes for a fully liveable and fully stylish space.

Considering an urban design for your space? There’s a lot to consider, but we’ve compiled eight ways to create the best-ever urban style.

8 Tips for Creating a Comfortable + Inviting Urban Style

  1. Use an open floor plan. By embracing an open floor plan, you’ll promote a sense of flow and spaciousness despite any lacking square footage. You’ll also encourage interactions and foster a more social environment. Plus, while poorly decorated open layouts in a larger space can feel sterile or severe, open layouts in a smaller space can still feel cozy!
  2. Use a neutral color palette. To give your home a general urban feel, opt for a neutral color palette as the foundation of your design. Shades like grays, whites, and earth tones will create a backdrop that’s timeless and versatile. That said, if you want more color, add a few bold accents or art pieces to energize your space. Mixed textiles like faux leathers and performance velvets can also add personality while remaining sophisticated. 
  3. Add in some industrial loft touches. By adding loft touches like exposed brick and concrete surfaces, you’ll contribute a sense of authenticity and urban charm. Metal accents are also great, and can come into play through accessories or windows and doors framed with metal. 
  4. Soften your space with area rugs. These are a must-have for urban styles. Strategically placed area rugs contribute pattern and color to contrast your hardwood or concrete floors. They can also add texture and help delineate spaces in an open layout.
  5. Be smart with storage. It’s so easy for homes to accumulate clutter–but this is especially true for small spaces. Use functional yet sleek storage solutions to combat clutter, ensure your home stays organized, and look as spacious as possible.
  6. Incorporate eclectic art and accessories. We recommend using art you love that also resonates with urban life or local culture to connect it to the surrounding cityscape. For accessories, incorporate unique items or collections that reflect your interests or personality. Not only will this ensure your space feels like home, it will make it stand out by showcasing your good taste.
  7. Make the most of your outdoor space. In urban style, it’s important to make good use of every last square inch of space. If a balcony or terrace is available to you, by all means use it! To turn your outdoor space into a cozy retreat, incorporate comfortable but contemporary seating, soft lighting, and as much greenery as you have room for.
  8. Incorporate biophilic design. City life is great in many ways, offering up so many people and places in close proximity, but it does tend to be disconnected from nature. To create your own calm oasis in the city, we recommend using biophilic design. By incorporating natural materials, patterns, and elements to your space, you can boost your mental health and showcase the beauty of nature. With all its light and greenery, biophilic design will also offset the more contemporary design elements in your space.

In summary, creating a sophisticated urban style is about finding the right balance between contemporary design, industrial influences, and cozy comfort. By carefully selecting elements that add a sense of warmth and softness you can effectively balance any colder, harsher design elements. Create an amazing urban style, and you’ll impress any guests with the vibrant energy of your city while offering them a relaxing haven to visit you in.

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