Nurturing Nooks: Designing Cozy Corners for Solitude and


Nurturing Nooks: Designing Cozy Corners for Solitude and Reflection

Cozy season is upon us! Our team has been thinking about ways to embrace the spirit of fall through design. One of our very best ideas? We call it a “nurturing nook.” Small in size but not in significance, a personal nook is an ideal place to rest and recharge. 



Nooks have become increasingly popular in contemporary design and on social media, where all things cozy and cottage core abound. Part of this may have to do with our increased focus on self-care since 2020, or the solitude everyone had to lean into. Whatever the case may be, we think nurturing nooks are objectively wonderful. 



In today’s blog, we’re discussing the benefits of having a nook in your space, and how to design your very own.

Here’s How a Nook Will Nurture You.

1. You can get in touch with your creative side. What better place than a nook to do some reading? Or writing, sketching, embroidering–whatever suits your fancy or sparks your imagination. By nature of–well, a nook–you’re by yourself, away from other distractions in your house, and able to tap into your favorite right-brain passion or activity. 



2. It’s designed for relaxing. This is a land of pillows and blankets! It is most certainly not a place for hard surfaces or harsh lighting. Whether there’s a scenic window view to enjoy or not, you’re going to want to sit back and relax in this space. 



3. It can encourage reflection. Along those same lines: if you’re in a relaxed state, you’re more likely to reflect. It’s hard to be introspective when you’re busy or adrenaline-addled from stress. But inside a nurturing nook, tucked away from the world and alone with yourself, you can slow down and let your mind wander.

A Nook of Your Own

Ready to design your very own nook? Here are the steps we would recommend taking:


1. Choose the right location. Pick a place near a window if possible, for the natural light and the scenery. For peak peacefulness, make sure it’s not in a heavily-trafficked area. Think upper-floor hallway, or space under the stairs–somewhere a little secluded.


2. Prioritize comfort. Select seating, cushions, and throws that will promote relaxation. This is not the time to skimp on softness. 


3. Incorporate sensory elements. Think scents, textures, and mood lighting. These small details will turn a basic nook into a nourishing one. 


4. Set yourself up for success. As established, your nook is a place to be creative, relax, and reflect. Make sure your design reflects this! Use organizational solutions to store any tools for creative projects, be sure to incorporate calming color palettes and plants for relaxation, and keep journals or artwork nearby to promote introspection.


5. Make it personal. Choose a design style (such as bohemian or minimalist) that resonates with your personal taste, while balancing the nook’s aesthetic with the rest of your home. Incorporate photos or mementos to make the space uniquely yours. 


If spring and summer are times meant for experiences and exploration, fall and winter are a little more suited to reflection and rest. Of course, you should do you–whatever the season. But if you like the idea of a cute corner to wind down in this fall, with maybe cinnamon latte in hand, consider a nurturing nook.


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