Kitchen and Entry Remodel


The client reached out because of an awkward entry and a cramped kitchen with nowhere for their kids to sit and have a snack or do homework while they prepared meals. The entryway was small, and essentially an uninviting space with a choice of 4 doors opening to various rooms. They wanted a small island for the kids and a more open light and airy space with more storage and nicer color scheme. The space was tight without pushing back a wall so we created a full height shallow depth cabinet and painted it to match the island for a little more breathing room for the island seating


We collaborated to create a new space plan for the kitchen and a new entry through the living room allowing a bench in the entry for shoe and coat removal and getting rid of two of the four doors. The kitchen was opened to the living room through the removal of a existing built-in bookcase. We straightened out the hallway which initially had the cabinet at an awkward angle leading to the dining room and were able to add wine storage and a bar area close to both dining room and kitchen. The total remodel included new finishes, flooring, lighting, fixtures and custom cabinets.

Main Color Pallete:

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